Operation School Bell New Clothing for Kids

Statistics show that having the proper clothes promotes educational success through better self-esteem and school attendance.  Northern Virginia Assistance League has provided clothing, shoes and personal grooming products to children from families with extreme need.  

For the 2015-2016 school year, Assistance League of Northern Virginia clothed or provided shoes to 814 children, provided grooming products for 466 students, and provided haircuts for 400 children in our community.

In addition, Northern Virginia Assistance League furnished knitted baby afghans infant clothing and hats to the low-income mothers of 293 infants and toddlers. These handmade items are made and donated by members of The  Dunbarton Active Senior Community,  The Virginian and various other individuals. These wonderful ladies spent a total of  4,356 hours making these items during the 2015-2016 year!  Just a note - the average age of the Virginian ladies is 96 . . . and still going strong. We send our greatest appreciation to all of these ladies for their endless support.

We provided new clothing to stock the school clothing closets at Yorkshire Elementary, Sudley Elementary and Timber Lane Elementary.  We continued for a second year to provide school uniforms to Patrick Henry Elementary.  There are always many smiling faces!

For the 2015-2016 school year, Lynbrook Elementary, Providence Elementary, Dogwood Elementary, Garfield Elementary and Loch Lomond Elementary schools elected to participate in our shoe coupon program in lieu of a shopping event. Payless coupons provided by Northern Virginia Assistant League were given out by the school counselors to hlelp the low-income families buy shoes for their children.
Assistance League is making a difference!



New shoe distribution


A happy recipient


The kids say thanks to the ALNV members

New Clothing for Kids Program Brings Smiles


Thanks to our New Clothing for Kids program, on March 16, 2013 - a busy Saturday - 13 volunteers from Assistance League Northern Virginia helped 37 children from Providence Elementary shop for new clothes at KMart in Fairfax.

The volunteers helped the children pick out new spring school clothes and shoes. At the end of the event each child also received a book to take home.  There were many smiling faces!


New Clothing Shopping Event for Students

The Need in Northern Virginia

Children aren't coming to school because they don't have the proper clothing:

  • Each year, thousands of families struggle to provide even the basics for their children. For example, a warm winter coat or a properly fitting pair of shoes. By providing proper clothing, Operation School Bell helps children arrive in the classroom better prepared to learn.
  • Poor attendance and deportment contribute to failure and eventually school dropouts. Proper clothes for school promotes educational success through better self-esteem and school attendance thereby preventing school dropouts.
  • Across the United States, in 26 states and 122 Assistance League chapters and Operation School Bell programs, schoolteachers and counselors see an immediate difference in the emotional state of children assisted by this program. They report that the children who participate tend to miss fewer days, work hard on their studies, and participate in extracurricular activities. This renewed self-confidence will help to instill the importance of staying in school and receiving a high school diploma.


For many children, Operation School Bell gives them the unique joy of many firsts: the first time they've experienced new clothes; the first time they've worn a pair of shoes that fit properly; the first time they've ever owned new underwear or their own grooming supplies.

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