Frequently Asked Questions

What is Assistance League or Northern Virginia?

Assistance League of Northern Virginia is an all volunteer nonprofit organization that feeds, clothes, educates and nurtures those in need in our community.

We empower volunteers:

  • To identify and meet needs in their community
  • To strengthen and broaden their talents and skills
  • To make a difference in people's lives

How much does it cost to become a member?

Our current dues are $55 annually for voting members and $60 for new members. Dues for nonvoting members are $75. Additional costs are determined and voted by the chapter membership. Dues are fully tax deductible.

How much volunteer time is expected?

Expected participation includes: regular meetings, philanthropic programs and fundraising events selected and voted by the chapter membership. We are flexible in all areas to meet our member's needs and schedules. We are presently suggesting 50 service hours per year for voting and new members.

When and where are meetings held?

Regular Meetings are usually held the third Monday of each month at 10AM at the Sully Government Center Community room in Chantilly, Virginia. Other locations are used as needed.

Who can become a member?

Assistance League has an open membership policy.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Joining fellow chapter members you will see the rewards of helping people of all ages in our community. Lasting friendships are formed within the membership as you work with others who share your desire to help others. Educational opportunities offered by the national organization enable members to learn new and valuable skills.

How are philanthropic programs selected and funded?

All programs are selected by the needs in our community. The funding for programs comes from the fundraising events of the chapter. All programs and fundraising events are voted on by the chapter membership. ALL FUNDS RAISED STAY IN OUR COMMUNITY!

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